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Top 15 websites to hire FinTech developers online

1. Flexiple

Founded in 2016, Flexiple helps entrepreneurs, startups, and large corporations connect with professional freelance developers and designers. Whether you want to onboard FinTech developers for the short or long-term, Flexiple has the right talent that meets your job requirement.

Firstly, Flexiple’s solutions experts meet with you to understand what you seek in FinTech developers. They search their talent network to get the right candidate ready for hire within a few hours. You can then test the candidates you select in a trial period before finalizing. Aside from FinTech developers, Flexiple has other expert coders like iOS, Swift, and Spring developers.

2. Codementor

Codementor can help you advance your team’s skills and build tech solutions relevant to your business growth. They deliver code mentorship and an opportunity to collaborate with freelance developers on a job. Codementor applies a strict screening process to ensure you access only top-quality tech experts.

Whether it’s a short-term or long-term project, you can hire FinTech developers that can install, upgrade, and maintain your business software. Codementor’s FinTech developers can provide:

  1. Code review to spot bugs and improve its efficiency 2. Bridge tech skill gap in your team 3. Launch project MVP

Aside from FinTech developers, you can also hire JavaScript, Go, and Python developers.

3. ValueCoders

Founded in 2004, ValueCoders is a consulting and outsourcing firm that provides company-specific software engineering teams to recruiters. They serve businesses across diverse verticals like fintech, automotive, retail & eCommerce, and logistics & transportation.

If you need a FinTech developer team, ValueCoders can help you access a well-rounded team that meets your requirements. Aside from FinTech developers, other tech professionals on the platform include frontend, backend, mobile, and full-stack engineers. Here are some benefits of hiring on ValueCoders:

  1. Flexible engagement options
  2. Work full staffs, no freelancers
  3. Easy communication

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular option for connecting leading businesses with FinTech developers. They allow employers to review FinTech developers profiles, containing information about their career experience, skill set, and professional goals. If you need a remote, part-time, or full-time FinTech developers, LinkedIn fits the bill.

With Linkedin, you can assess targeted job promotions, recommended matches, and candidate management tools–designed for streamlined and efficient recruitment. You can also scale your workforce with LinkedIn Learning–the platform’s resource for upskilling.

Additionally, you can build strong brand awareness via LinkedIn’s career pages.

5. Upwork

US-based Upwork is a worldwide work marketplace connecting businesses to skilled freelancers. They have freelance experts for diverse job functions like sales & marketing, writing & translation, and design & creative work. Need software solutions? Upwork’s FinTech developers can help you build applications to improve your business operations.

They provide two methods to help you source the best FinTech developers on their network.

  1. Expert-vetted: an invite-only program with a multi-step screening process to pick the top professionals
  2. Candidate-screening guide: a six-step guide involving cover letter review, 1-1 interview, portfolio reviews, and more.

Depending on your requirements and project budget, you may choose a fixed pricing or hourly wage contract. Frontend, mobile app, and Android devs are other tech experts you can engage with on Upwork.

6. Freelancer

Freelancer helps brands source from a large pool of quality freelancers with skills relevant to projects at hand. You can screen talents via their previous work and profile reviews. The platform allows you to post a job, hire freelancers, and track work progress.

You can hire a FinTech developer to handle a web development project or other technical task requiring their expertise. Freelancer talent may charge a fixed price for one-time projects or an hourly rate for continuous/full-time positions.

7. AngelList

AngelList is a global startup community that helps recruiters find local and remote technical talents that fit the job. They ensure talent quality by vetting candidates before showcasing them to employers. AngelList also reduces the time for sourcing talent, allowing you to find skilled professionals within minutes.

If you need FinTech developers for a job, AngelList can help you connect with a professional that meets your needs. Aside from FinTech developers, you can hire Python, iOS, and blockchain devs.

AngelList makes hiring smooth by:

  1. Allowing you to screen a diverse pool of talent, containing 8 million job-ready candidates
  2. Recruitment tools–company branding, job posting, and HR tool sets–available for set up in a few minutes
  3. Free built-in applicant tracking system

8. Guru

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Guru is a global freelance marketplace where you can find and hire professional freelancers. They make this simple in four steps.

  1. Post jobs: craft a free job posing and get quotes in a few hours
  2. Onboard freelancers: review the quotes and select the best candidate for the task
  3. Start working: monitor work progress, communicate, and collaborate effectively via WorkRooms
  4. Make payment: choose secure payment channels available on Guru

Guru understands clients’ need for tech professionals and provides the best FinTech developers for your technical projects. Also, they offer dedicated, 24/7 customer support whenever you need it.

9. Truelancer

India-based Truelancer is a freelance marketplace where you can post jobs and quickly hire freelancers. You can connect with freelance professionals in sales & marketing, SEO, blogging & writing, and design & creatives.

Also, you can key into Truelancer prime if you need the entire project managed and handled by Truelancers’ in-house experts. This provides you:

  1. Prime service. Truelancer sorts and prescreens talent, ensuring they meet your requirement
  2. Prime talent. Collaborate with top-quality freelancers on your project
  3. Prime managers. Connect with Truelancer’s managers to oversee your project

You can hire Truelaner FinTech developers for freelancer tech-oriented gigs. Aside from FinTech developers, there are Java, API, PHP, and backend developers on the platform.

10. Dice

US-based Dice is a leading platform specializing in connecting brands with top-tier technologists. Their proprietary fraud detection solution scans talent profiles to ensure their authenticity, enabling employers to work with genuine technologists. Dice’s TalentSearch solution helps you target tech experts that conveniently match your requirements. You can work with FinTech developers remotely or on a physical site. Their FinTech developers can join your team based on a freelance, full-time, and part-time roles. Dice’s sourcing services help you hire faster and effectively via: 1. A seasoned and dedicated team to source the best match for your open positions 2. A customized hiring strategy for your brand 3. A candidate shortlist delivered by Dice in-house, expert recruitment team

11. PeoplePerHour

Since 2007, PeoplePerHour has consistently helped many businesses meet their skill needs by connecting them to expert freelancers. They help you complete projects beyond the traditional 9-5 work model. If you need to collaborate with FinTech developers by the hour or on a project, PeoplePerHour fits the bill.

Apart from FinTech developers, other tech freelancers include CRM, mobile app, game, and web developers. PeoplePerHour’s CERT, the platform’s in-built ranking algorithm, helps you assess freelancers’ skill levels. They also provide an AI system to pair you with freelancers that meet your project requirement. You can review freelancers’ proposals, hire them, and pay for their work once you are satisfied with their service.

12. Toptal

Since 2010, Toptal has consistently helped businesses fill their talent gap with adept freelance professionals. They support a robust network of finance experts, project managers, designers, product managers, and software developers.

If you seek an experienced FinTech developers, you can trust Toptal’s freelance developer community to fit the bill. They implement a thorough vetting process to attain only the best talents that deliver impressive results. Besides FinTech developers, you can engage with Algorithm, Django, and SQL devs. You hire FinTech developers for an affordable hourly wage.

13. Gigster

Since 2014, Gigster has consistently helped startups and Fortune 500 meet project goals via a professional team with diverse skill sets. They connect you to only the top 1% of designers, developers, and project managers.

Gigster’s FinTech developers is suitable for the job if you need software solutions relevant to your business growth. You can hire a FinTech developer team for part-time or full-time contracts and deliver quality solutions in record time. Gigster’s team manages projects efficiently, requiring minimal supervision.

14. Turing

Turing is a company that helps businesses find and collaborate with top-tier developers remotely. They apply an AI-powered cloud system that oversees the entire recruitment and talent management process. With Turing, you can connect with a global pool of skilled software developers without compromising talent quality.

Turing’s FinTech developers can apply their experience and skills in delivering significant results on your tech projects. You can review FinTech developers profiles containing their career experience and skill sets. Turing allows recruiters to hire based on role, career trajectory, and skills.

15. RemoteOK

RemoteOK is an online platform where job seekers can find work and employers can post jobs. They support massive job postings from employers in various categories like software development, system administration, and finance. They also provide candidate profiles, assisting you in checking if a candidate meets your requirements.

You can onboard FinTech developers, collaborating with them remotely on a full-time or part-time contract. Depending on your location requirement, you can source RemoteOK FinTech developers within or outside the US. Apart from FinTech developers, other tech professionals on the platform include backend, frontend, and full stack engineers.

What Do FinTech developers Look For?

Why Hire
FinTech developers?

FinTech developers work on the end-to-endd building and deployment of your FinTech application.

  • They design, develop and maintain the FinTech application as well as deploy it to the web along with working on regular updates and changes to the codebase.
  • A specialized FinTech developer can help in developing an application fast and reduce the time-to-market.

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